The Importance of Company Culture

The average person spends more waking hours at work than anywhere else in the world yet, many workers are left unmotivated and emotionally disconnected.
Company culture has been a buzzword amongst recruiters, employees and job seekers but there is more to it than we think. It’s not just about free food and social events, it’s about building a team of people committed to the same purpose, passion and goals.
Not only does it influence engagement amongst individuals, but it also evaluates the quality of a company’s work environment.

What is Company Culture

Company culture is defined as a “shared system of learned values, norms and attitudes”. Culture develops within an organisation as a belief system, a business strategy and mental programming which helps to guide the behaviour of a company’s members.

Company culture is represented at three different levels:

  1. Artefacts are the most obvious part of a company’s culture as it represents the visual expressions of culture such as dress code, office layout and free food. They could also include obvious behaviours shown by employees such as in-jokes, mantras and stories from the company. Artefacts can be easy to recognise but hard to understand.
  2. Espoused values have been explicitly stated by a company’s’ executives. This could also include the preferred norms of the company.
  3. Basic assumptions are ingrained into the everyday behaviours of members. Assumptions are at the core of an organisation’s values and are frequently taken for granted.

Defining and emphasising core values will determine how decisions are made and where priorities are. These will pave the way for an organisations future. Core values are distinguished, obsessed over, timeless and worth sacrificing for.

At LEAP Dev, employees share united values:

  1. We care about what we do and the people we work with
  2. We continually improve to be the best
  3. We never, ever give up

Why does it matter

Having great values is just the start of developing your culture. Unfortunately, many businesses lose sight of their culture goals or have limited knowledge to cultivate it. Neglected company culture will lead to changes in the behaviour of employees and decreased performance.

Changing company culture takes time, dedication and perseverance as it requires people to change their behaviours and continuously learn new behaviours.

The LEAP Dev Culture

Here is what our People & Culture Manager, Vanessa Fairlie had to say about how LEAP Dev defines their culture.

At LEAP Dev we invest in our people and pride ourselves on putting staff happiness first. This allows us to attract and retain talent in an increasingly competitive job market.

We do this by:

  • allowing for a great work/life balance to promote employee well-being.
  • develop and up-skill our staff to help them succeed personally and professionally.
  • monthly office events to promote collaboration within teams, and
  • continuous evaluation of staff benefits to ensure we can offer our team a great working environment. Just to name a few.

At LEAP Dev we place a strong emphasis on learning and development whether that is through online learning platforms, workshops, getting certifications or attending offsite conferences.

Everything is celebrated in the LEAP Dev office – anniversaries, birthdays, a new baby, the release of the latest Star Wars movie or even just making into the Volleyball grand final! We love to give our staff something to look forward to at every milestone.

Many companies now hire employees based on the balance between “culture fit” and “technical ability”. Having a personalised recruitment and onboarding process in place helps to ensure we hire the right people from the start. Motivated employees with the right values can help to reinforce company culture and bring any business to new heights.

All of the above has defined our culture and differentiates us from other tech companies searching for software developers and engineers. As we continue to grow, it is important to build on these foundations so that we can remain an innovative and great place to work throughout the globe.

Our people are our most important advantage and because of them putting in 100% every day, it has allowed LEAP Dev to build the greatest software in legal tech today.


LEAP Dev is an innovative software development company in the legal tech industry with over 80 in house software engineers. We are the #1 provider of firm management, lawyer/client collaboration, accounting and payment processing solutions to small law firms with over 35,000 users in Australia, the UK and the USA.

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