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A new quarter at LEAP Dev means new projects for us all. There is just so much to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all done. We need productivity, efficiency and connectivity to constantly develop our world class software.

We’ve narrowed down our favourite productivity tools that give us an edge and help us get more done with less effort.


Privacy and security is one of our biggest priorities at LEAP Dev as we need to protect confidential and sensitive information. We always encourage our employees to use different, complex and secure passwords to protect their accounts but with hundreds of credentials to remember, this can be daunting.

LastPass is an online password manager which remembers your passwords so you don’t have to. LEAP Dev enlisted LastPass as a part of our InfoSec Awareness Program to help our employees securely store and easily access their passwords in a central location. We have found that it’s a far better alternative to written down passwords, using the same password everywhere, a rotation of passwords or just using good ol’ brain power. 

Why we love it 

LastPass is simple to install and use for almost any device or browser. There are plugins, extensions, mobile apps and desktop apps which are all streamlined to reliably capture, save, fill and generate long, complex passwords. Users can easily access and load their credentials from anywhere!

With LastPass, our teams can securely share and store the necessary credentials for collaboration.

We love the feeling of security that we get from LastPass as they place a heavy emphasis on locally encrypting and decrypting passwords. They have implemented AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud. For an added layer of security, LastPass also features multi-factor authentication.

Since adopting LastPass, we have definitely found that our users have stopped saving credentials on their browsers or workstations. Our IT team has received less service enquiries as LEAPsters are far less distracted by lockouts and resets. We’ve successfully encouraged over 95% of our office to use LastPass.

Atlassian Software

Atlassian is dedicated to creating useful software and collaboration tools for developers, product managers, writers and quality analysts. The different Atlassian applications integrate seamlessly with one another, making it simple to collaborate on code, test and deploy.

Why we love it

One of the best things about using Atlassian software is that the creators actually understand who we are, what we do and why we do it. Atlassian’s products fits Agile development like a glove, which helps with our planning workflow.

LEAP Dev uses Jira as a task manager. It is a transparent and accessible way to create, manage and assign tasks throughout the company. The Kanban and Scrum boards provides our users with full visibility to manage their workload and progress. 

We use the Jira Service Desk for all Information System requests including hardware requests and IT requests. This helps provide a more efficient service to our employees for when things go wrong. It also allows the IT team to better prioritise their tasks and manage their time in order to ensure all the technology is working smoothly. This quarter, we have also implemented the Jira Service Desk for our People and Culture team. This service desk is being used for everything from booking team building, recruiting staff and even general maintenance around the office. 

Confluence is perfect for real-time collaboration, reporting and documentation. Pages are managed within workspaces or projects to share information. Within pages, you are able to insert images, photos, links and even code snippets through the rich text editor. Confluence also seamlessly integrates with Jira and Trello, making it easy to follow all relevant information for tasks. 

Trello is a visual collaboration tool which helps teams manage tasks. The simple drag and drop interface provides our users with information at a glance. We have found that Trello has been a great way to communicate to other teams and departments. Trello features “Power-Ups” which connect Jira tickets and Confluence pages.


Instant messaging has become paramount to modern day communication in and around the workplace. Quicker response times and less emails helps us communicate clearly to one another and to efficiently bounce ideas back and forth.

Slack is a cloud-based messaging app which allows teams to communicate and collaborate without the distractions. We use it for group chats, direct messages to individuals within our organisation.

Why we love it

Slack is more than just a chat channel for us as it is central to our communication. Slack is jam packed with super smart features which help us get on with our work with less interruptions. Our LEAPsters can easily create public/private channels in Slack to focus on specific, relevant topics and avoid getting distracted. 

Once you are already active, smart notifications from Slack ensure that no unnecessary notifications are pushed to other devices. When messaging in Slack, there are several easy commands and shortcuts to make it easier and quicker to communicate smoothly. There is a plethora of bots and integrations to streamline your workflow. The Slack App Directory contains over 1,500 apps including some of our favourites such as Jira, Dropbox and Outlook.


Dropbox is a cloud based server for file sharing and storage. We use dropbox to store the majority of our files at LEAP Dev.

Why we love it

Dropbox features an easy to use online and offline selective sync meaning it is easy to access or download the files that you need, when you need, wherever you need. 

With hundreds of users constantly opening up and changing files, Dropbox makes it easy to recover lost data and manager version controls. This greatly helps our collaborative teams to always have the most up to date relevant files, without the concern of losing important information.

These productivity apps have gone the extra mile to ensure that you get more done in your day. What will you do with all of your extra time?


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