Meet the Managers

We’re led by forward thinkers and game changers.
Our leaders combine an abundance of expertise and a
serious dedication to providing the greatest guidance.

Mark Burgess

CEO A.K.A Chief Entertainment Officer

Mark is the Chief Entertainment Officer of LEAP Dev. His job consists of convincing smart people who get things done to come and work for LEAP Dev then keeping them happy, entertained and motivated with lots of cool legal-tech projects, the best equipment money can buy, a great office and an awesome culture.

Mark graduated university in 2002 (directly after the “tech wreck”) and was lucky enough to find a job at LEAP Dev as an Analyst/Programmer for the princely sum of 30K p/a (which he thought was pretty good considering he was still living at home). Mark embarked on creating “LEAP Accounting” to complement LEAP Dev’s flagship document automation and matter management product “LEAP Documents”. Over the years as LEAP Dev’s products and projects grew in success so did Mark’s career being promoted to Software Development Manager in 2007, Chief Software Architect in 2014 and CEO in 2015.

(Mark no longer lives at home)

Vanessa Fairlie

People & Culture Manager A.K.A Mother Hen A.K.A Head of Puns

Vanessa joined LEAP in 2010 on the Helpdesk before moving into the consulting team. It wasn’t long before she realised she needed to spread her wings and decided to make the move into Human Resources. Passionate about all things to do with employee experience and creating an awesome culture, she used her role as a blank canvas and set out to create the HR function and build the culture at LEAP Dev.

Vanessa runs around the office (literally) looking after all things HR related including operations, talent management, recruitment, training, performance management, events, employee engagement, work benefits and facilities. One of her favourite things to do at work is forcing the whole office to sing happy birthday to our LEAPsters whilst they awkwardly stand there, not knowing what to do.

Robert Segner

Software Development Manager (Desktop) A.K.A Chief Pub Herder

Robbie Segner has always been a coding whiz so it made a lot of sense when he studied computers at university for a degree in Information Systems. It wasn’t until shortly after that he realised that the question, “could you take a look at my computer, it’s (insert trivial problem here)”, enraged in him the burning fury of 10,000 suns. In 2012, Robbie started his LEAP journey on the Helpdesk for LEAP Accounting. Whilst accounting seemed great, it was here where Robbie really developed a passion for software.

Nowadays, Robbie, or “ROGER!” as we like to call him, oversees software development for our desktop products. Need help with writing something obscure in 4D? Robbie Segner is your go-to. In addition to his responsibilities as a Software Development Manager, he also serves as the Chief Pub Goer who firmly believes that lots of laughs and drinks are always “ideal”.

Rafal Rutyna

UX & Mobile Development Manager A.K.A Mr. No Problems

Not everyone is a morning person, but at 7:30 AM you can count on Raf to be pumping trance music in his office, ready for a big day of chasing his team around to get stuff done.

Raf, our UX & Mobile Manager, grew up in Poland and began his UX career by single-handedly developing a website without any internet. After deciding that life’s too short to stay in one place, Raf uprooted his life to the UK, and then to Australia. Since his humble beginnings, Raf has acquired an impressive portfolio with over 15 years of design experience including designing print media, websites and working for various digital agencies.

He loves helping people make things look cool and pretty. If you ask him for help, his go-to response is always an enthusiastic “No problem!”. His fabulous design skills are only a part of what he brings to the table; Raf is also up to date with the latest in tech news and gadgets. This obsession, however, has lead him to being WAY too excited and spending WAY too much money on the latest gadgets.

Hilal Kabakoz

Product Manager A.K.A Product Whisperer

During her time at law school, Hilal worked for several different law firms where she absolutely fell in love with LEAP’s software suite. It was at this moment when she decided she wanted to work for LEAP.

She joined LEAP in 2011 on the Helpdesk before quickly receiving a promotion as a manager. Since then, Hilal has helped LEAP achieve some amazing milestones such as setting up our online help platform, travelling to the UK to assist with the set up of Legal Aid and managing the release of all the cool new features.

She says her primary goal is to one day start up LEAP Legal Software in the Bahamas so she can go hang out with the flamingos and enjoy the endless views of the ocean. In the meantime, Hilal is always busy with product training, testing the software, chasing bugs, following up on new features … and pushing to move projects forward.

Brian Zhang

Software Development Manager (Backend) A.K.A Brain of Backend

Brian has had all sorts of experience in various fields such as IT, research and even share trading. He discovered that his real passion lies in IT and development so Brian obtained a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at UNSW. In 2008, he joined the LEAP Dev team as a Software Engineer and has now been promoted to Software Development Manager.

With 20 years of professional IT experience, his fluency in all things back end related has earned him the nickname “Brain of Backend”. Whenever the backend team need help, advice or guidance, Brian can easily be spotted walking around the office as he is always wearing a trusty cap. Brian is an energetic and passionate about his work which makes him consistently reliable when it comes to delivery.

David Nguyen

Software Development Manager (Web) A.K.A Mr Smiley

David Nguyen is a self-proclaimed workaholic who loves to keep busy. David says that one of the worst jobs he’s ever had was as a software engineer but with no code to write and no projects to work on. He found himself staring at a computer screen, wondering when the day would end. Luckily for him, life at LEAP Dev is not like that at all. In 2015, David joined LEAP Dev as a Software Engineer and immediately fit right in. His continuous hard work and commitment was recognised and he was promoted to become a Software Development Manager.

He describes himself as boring but the front end team would disagree. They see David is a great listener who is always open to help solve problems, provide comprehensive feedback and valuable career advice. David loves seeing his team members succeed and is always raising his standards to keep his team at the top of their game.

Gavin Smith

IT Manager A.K.A Agent Smith

Gavin is the IT manager at LEAP Dev. He says this essentially means he is the guy in charge of all of the cloud stuff and looking after computers. Gavin began his IT career over twenty years ago, long enough to know exactly what the infamous quote “PC LOAD LETTER, What the F does that mean?” from the movie Office Space actually means.

Gavin joined LEAP in 2013 as an IT Infrastructure manager. Gavin has been responsible for several impressive projects such as setting up Zaliet’s WordPress environment in AWS from scratch in addition to responsibility for the migration of LEAP cloud to AWS infrastructure. Everyone at LEAP Dev can always count on Gavin to help with all things Amazon AWS Cloud related.

You might be wondering, “how does he get so much done?” Gavin attributes his success to taking opportunities, some good luck, drinking copious amounts of coffee and having a really great team working for him.

Serkan Dik

Quality Engineering Manager A.K.A The Unit

After completing a long-term contract in 2017, Serkan was on the search for his next calling in life. LEAP Dev was fortunate enough to score him as the Lead Quality Engineer. Serkan brings to LEAP over twenty years of professional software testing experience, and an impressive portfolio of diverse software companies, banks and government institutions. As the Quality Engineering Manager, Serkan Dik is responsible for all of the quality assurance matters. In other words, Serkan makes sure things work!

Since joining the team, he has implemented the use of JMETER, a Load/Performance testing tool which enabled the Quality Engineering team to simulate high volumes of transactions which allows LEAP developers to replicate, troubleshoot and resolve server performance issues in the live environment.

Serkan says that he can seem a little scary at times as he loves to follow procedure however, once you get to know him, he is really just a giant teddy bear who loves a chat about work, personal life, boating and everything in between.

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