Goodbye HTML Tables. Hello AG-GRID!

All good reads begin with a definition. This of course is no different.

JavaScript: an object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers. This language is built upon to bring you multiple frameworks such as (but not limited to) industry leaders React, Angular and AngularJS, but also includes the new kid on the block Vue.js.

You are sitting at your desk working away at your latest JavaScript related bug, (most likely chasing that elusive semicolon) when your boss comes to you, they need another table built. It needs to look pretty, be more powerful than Microsoft Excel and be done by the end of the day… a seemingly impossible task.

Introducing Ag-Grid. A Datagrid packed with features that your users need with the performance you expect.

● Over 1,500 companies using Ag-Grid Enterprise.
● Over 25% of the Fortune 500 use Ag-Grid Enterprise.
● Over 200,000 Downloads per month.

Sure, statistics are good, but doesn’t necessarily mean this is right for me. Well let’s talk about that for a second. With a free version of Ag-Grid offering a huge amount of functionality ranging from a table like display that can receive and display real time data to lazy loading all the way through to custom cell display and editors that you can build and maintain yourself when off the shelf components can’t handle your specific scenario, Ag-Grid really can be for anyone.

Don’t believe me? Then try it out. The below code (taken from the JavaScript getting started guide – just to save you a few clicks) can be copy and pasted into any HTML file and you have yourself a working version of Ag-Grid.
A single CTRL+C, CTRL+V and you are up and running?! That’s absurd?!

After you pick your jaw back up off the floor here is the feature list of what Ag-Grid can offer here. Why not go ahead and try a few of them out for yourself? Go ahead. I’ll wait here.

Alright, welcome back. How was it? Good right? So now that you’ve gotten a taste of what Ag-Grid has to offer you might be wondering, Whats the difference between the free and enterprise versions? Is it worth it? Well let’s get into that.

● Want to right click on your grid and it do something? Want a context menu? Enterprise.
● Perhaps your boss wants you to export that table to excel when it’s done? Enterprise.
● Data Grouping? Filtering? What about a Tree Structure for the table. All Enterprise too.

Now while that all might sound great (and it’s only the tip of the iceberg), don’t go rushing off and purchasing the Enterprise version just yet. Try Ag-Grid out for a little bit first. Get a feel for it and when you start encountering things that you want to do but can’t then consider the Enterprise version. It is an extremely worthwhile investment, but why invest if you don’t have to? Try before you buy!

Another amazing thing about Ag-Grid that’s not actually related to the software itself is the access to information. First and foremost the documentation is an excellent resource which I refer to pretty much daily. Whether it’s to remember the syntax for my cell editor or I want to do something new, the documentation has it all.

Encounter a bug with your code and can’t understand whats going wrong? Head on over to any developers first point of call in an emergency – Stack Overflow, where the Ag-Grid community is extremely active and will 99% of the time have the answers that you seek.

But what about for that 1%? What do you do then? The Enterprise Strikes Back. Another benefit of the Ag-Grid Enterprise is that you can login and receive first hand support via the ZenDesk portal, then follow the changes via the Ag-Grid pipeline here.

And there you have it. An introduction to the last DataGrid you will ever use. I would recommend taking 5 minutes out of your day and go check it out. Play around a little.
Need more information about Ag-Grid? Why not checkout their website if you haven’t already. They even have a blog of their own over at Medium if you want to keep reading here.

Thanks very much for reading, have a great day. And remember to keep your feet on the ground, but head in the clouds.


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