Empowering our technical communicators

Writing is easy. But good writing takes time, patience and a hell lot of hard work. Effective technical communication or technical writing helps our clients use our product in an optimal manner and get the most out of it.

Especially when articulating complex and technical processes and tasks to the gentry of legal professionals out there. Who have no time for non-sense and tom foolery with complex words. Because for them, literally “time is money”.

Let me be a little superfluous here, it’s fun to break your own rules sometimes!

We held our first Power Writing workshop on 24th August, the next two will follow soon after our crew is back from their holidays. The workshops are aimed to work like a refresher in technical communications applying best writing practices.

The workshop focused on the principals of Power Writing, so we can communicate LEAP’s features and functionalities more effectively keeping it short and simple.

We started off with the basics and then we went on to do some competitive exercises that helped the attendees understand the impact of power writing and how easy is it to implement it in technical writing.

It got really competitive towards the end, both team Verb and team Noun, were running for that winning trophy. Team Verb won the first round on Active writing where as the trophy went home with team Noun since they won the final competition.

All the attendees received a certificate of participation and a mini gold trophy with overflowing supply of chocolates that we ended up regretfully enjoying for a week.


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Technical Writing