Building AWS CI/CD Pipeline for container deployment to ECS

LEAP Legal Software

LEAP Legal Software is a cloud-based legal practice management platform developed by LEAP Developments. Its services include automated legal documents, time recording and billing systems, and law firm marketing. Through this ever-expanding suite of services, LEAP Legal Software is committed to helping small law firms save time on operational tasks and increase profitability.

How AWS DevOps Services turbocharged LEAP DevOps

By using AWS CodePipeLine, LEAP DevOps can now rapidly and infinitely scale its virtual instances. This allows LEAP DevOps to improve its source, build, test and deploy stages as well as integration with other AWS services – such as  AWS Lambda.

This was a stark contrast to its previous continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) tool.

Prior to AWS CodePipeLine, LEAP DevOps needed to manually create pipelines and had a limited number of instances on which to build deployments. Its ‘freemium’ model was also unsuited to a growing global business.

“During busy days, the number of pushes were high. This would cause builds to be queued, slowing down the deployment process. One build alone would take 20 minutes, causing significant backlogs,” said Saman Tabatabaeian, Senior DevOps/Cloud Engineer at LEAP Dev. “There was also no monitoring of build status, so we wouldn’t know if builds were a failure or success.

“Licensing costs also started to escalate when we spun up more server instances.”

The Benefits of AWS CodePipeLine

Process Flow

LEAP DevOps couldn’t be happier with AWS CodePipeline.

“No one is waiting on the build or deployment anymore. AWS CodeBuild resources are infinitely available to all developers any time,” said Saman. “It’s a nice and flexible framework to build on. In the future, it can be easily integrated to QA and continuous delivery. As a result, it provides the framework to implement CD, allowing for immediate deployment to production environments.”

From a management perspective, AWS CodePipeLine provides consistency of creation. LEAP DevOps no longer needs to manage logs or server capacity, and it can monitor the results of its deployment in all delegated accounts with Amazon CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray – all from one central account.

LEAP DevOps has also regained speed and scale. Previously, LEAP DevOps would need to build one pipeline manually per region. In addition to this, the pipe line would only trigger the deployment and return, giving us no further information if the result of the stack update had been a success or failure.

With AWS CodePipeLine and AWS Lambda, one pipeline deploys to a maximum of 10 regions. The pipeline keeps calling the Lambda deployment function recursively until the update is finishes and returns success upon completion.

“AWS DevOps services have vastly improved our software deployments here at LEAP Dev” said Saman. “We’re extremely pleased with the result.”


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