A day in the life of a Software Developer

Have you ever wondered what the LEAP Dev software developers get up to when they’re at work?

Meet Tom Tran

Tom is a front-end software developer who works closely with the Desktop team at LEAP Dev.

He spends most of his day coding for LEAP’s suite of desktop applications. He is currently working on the newest LEAP Desktop project with style and scheme updates. In addition, Tom is working on features including the upgraded calculation engine to improve and maximise the application and its capabilities. Tom also works closely with other teams to integrate their product into LEAP Desktop

He typically starts his day with breakfast and a coffee before he gets into coding. Tom’s role involves designing and coding, managing and completing high priority JIRA tickets, designing, testing his code and fixing any bugs. Tom’s careful attention to detail and magnificent problem-solving skills are essential to his role. This ensures consistent and reliable performance for our new desktop software features.

Tom is a huge fan of soccer and is a part of the LEAP Dev soccer team. When he needs to take a break from work, you will find him in our games room playing FIFA.

Follow a typical day in the life of Tom and see what he gets up to at the LEAP Dev office.


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