A day in the life of a Technical Writer

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to work as a technical writer at LEAP Dev?

Meet Farhana Khan

Farhana is a LEAP Dev Technical Writer who works for the LEAP Dev Products team.

As a technical writer, her role mainly revolves around creating, editing and proofreading user manuals, documentation and articles for the LEAP suite of products. Her advanced writing and communication skills are essential in helping to translate highly technical language into a clear and concise voice for business audiences. She works with internal teams to help them develop an in-depth understanding of our suite of products and the documentation requirements involved.

Farhana also works on the LEAP Community Discussions where she will help out customers and users with questions.

In addition to the abundance of writing she does, Farhana is also responsible for product training and demos. Whenever there is a new feature, update or release, Farhana will provide training and demonstration for our internal teams globally (Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States). This is incredibly important to ensure all of our LEAPsters around the world are familiar with all of our products and services.

Farhana normally gets to work at 8:30 where she will check her emails and make breakfast. Her day is then filled with meetings, tech writing and demos. When she needs to take a break from work, Farhana visits the gym at LEAP Dev. She is also a member of our LEAP basketball team, the LEAPsters.

Follow a typical day in the life of Farhana and see what she gets up to at the LEAP Dev office.

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