Let’s continue the story from our first workshop on Power Writing .  Almost after a month, our crew came back from holidays and we continued our writing workshops.

Here’s what we did for our next two workshops:

Workshop 2:  A ‘Minimalist Approach to Writing’

We practiced minimalism in writing by applying some popular writing models to our areas of technical communications. Picking up an existing article from the LEAP knowledge base, we set out to give it a makeover with our newly acquired writing skills.

Both team Noun and Verb had their own versions of the article, which sparked a healthy (and a little feisty) debate! What’s better than eight people brainstorming one of the most viewed articles!

Both were equally good and hard to choose from, so we had to tie the competition and the movie vouchers went home to both the teams.

Workshop 3: “Are you at the Write Stage Yet?”

For the grand finale of workshops season 1, we wanted to encourage our teams to step out of their technical communications zone and be more creative. We were not looking for a Tolstoy like finesse, but for someone who took away the most from these workshops.

We went through five stages of writing to create an article on attending workshops at LEAP. For a change, team Verb and team Noun were competing amongst themselves and not against each other.

The secret reviewing committee sat down the next day to decide the winners and were really impressed with the skills on display! In all honesty and fairness, the articles were submitted anonymously. So no favourites!

The writers from each team won shopping vouchers! And the best overall article is what you are going to read by our Escalations Specialist – Justin Shepherd here:

My First Experience with Writing Workshops – Understanding Writing as a Skill!

As an operations focused team, we respond to all colleagues from several regions and departments. The writing workshop sessions have been tremendously beneficial for us.

Writing workshops teach the importance of incorporating different writing styles based on the subject matter and audience. We’re taught how to draft, edit, and publish our content but also how to incorporate a minimal approach in the process.

Understanding the importance of being clear and concise whilst also remaining neutral is crucial as we can often get caught up in our own personal style of writing.

We write documentation in our confluence team space which is accessible from other operating departments. We incorporate Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) into our technical articles as it streamlines our content process. This also allows for a human readable standard which can apply across all articles.

Writing is a skill that we’re able to take with us in any position and job we’re in. It teaches us how to better communicate with others both personally and professionally and is a skill that transcends into everything we do.



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